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Customized Implants

Implants designed for impossible cases. If you are a patient who has been told that you are not a candidate for dental implants, unless bone

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Naturally Guided Regeneration

We have the most advanced technology in Dentistry in the Dominican Republic At Dental Cibao Spa we have the innovative naturally guided regeneration technique applied

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Dental Laboratory

What is a Dental Laboratory? A dental laboratory is the place where the bridges, crowns, veneers and structures necessary to perform the treatments offered by

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Odontólogos realizando procedimiento quirúrgico

Oral Surgery

What is Oral Surgery? Oral Surgery is the oldest recognized specialty in dentistry and is responsible for diagnosing and surgically treating diseases, injuries and defects

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General Dentistry

Why is a professional dental cleaning necessary? No matter how well you brush your teeth or floss, there are always hard to reach areas. A

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Oral Rehabilitation

What is Oral Rehabilitation? Oral rehabilitation is the part of Dentistry responsible for restoration, that is, it returns the aesthetic function and oral harmony. For

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Teeth Whitening

What is a Dental Whitening? In esthetic dentistry, tooth whitening is an aesthetic procedure that reduces the original color of the teeth by several shades,

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What is a root canal? A root canal consists, in general terms, of cleaning the diseased pulp tissue of the tooth and re-filling it with

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Dental Cosmetics

What is Dental Cosmetic Dentistry? If you have broken, uneven or stained teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. This is the branch of Dentistry which aims

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