Naturally Guided Regeneration

We have the most advanced technology in Dentistry in the Dominican Republic

At Dental Cibao Spa we have the innovative naturally guided regeneration technique applied to advanced dentistry. This technique consists of the extraction of blood from the patient and after a centrifugation process we obtain a fibrin concentrate rich in platelets and leukocytes (L-PRF) that enhances the natural capacity of regeneration of hard and soft tissues, which is an important change in the way we treat our patients.

How is Naturally Guided Regeneration performed at Dental Cibao Spa?

For years, materials have been used to help regenerate the damage caused by the loss of teeth and underlying bone using materials derived from cattle, porcine membranes or bone cadavers. For some patients, for different reasons, including strong religious beliefs, these techniques represent disadvantages so natural alternatives are excellent to resolve the dilemma and even minimize risk of cross infection.

Naturally Guided Regeneration using mineral and alloplastic elements mixed with autogenous blood elements, are techniques that help considerably the healing and neoforming of hard and soft tissues without putting the patient at risk.

The L-PRF * fibrin rich in platelets and leukocytes extracted from the patient’s own blood, is widely used in oral surgery as an excellent membrane transporter of bioactive cells, a natural haemostatic coagulation catalyst, cellular impeller, activator of mineral elements of filling that provides defense cells working like a good natural antibiotic etc. This technique and that of other blood derivatives of the patient, we use to potentiate the surgical results related to areas to repair or regenerate as well as to erase lip scars, heal wounds that do not repair, stop profuse hemorrhages, cure newly produced burns with excellent clinical results , cure diabetic ulcers, etc.

Naturally Guided Regeneration Video at Dental Cibao Spa