Get the Perfect Smile at the Dominican Republic

At Dental Cibao Spa we are specialists in restoring, creating, and transforming Smiles!

We are the Dental Clinic for Excellence in the Dominican Republic

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Start living a unique experience at Dental Cibao Spa

A relaxing and exclusive environment to give you the service you deserve. We specialize in dental implants and complex situations. We have a highly trained medical staff, led by specialists Dr. Enrique Rojas and Dr. Lizther Jaime, who have more than 20 years of experience creating smiles.

Come to Smile with Us at Dental Cibao Spa

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Our Dental Spa, with comfortable first class facilities is waiting for you

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¡Cuidamos de ti! / We take care of you!

Tu seguridad y la de nuestro equipo siempre ha sido una prioridad para nosotros en Dental Cibao Spa. Por eso, hemos mantenido protocolos de bioseguridad para garantizar la desinfección e higiene de nuestra Clínica Dental desde siempre. Ahora, hemos intensificado nuestras medidas de seguridad.

ENGLISH: In Dental Cibao Spa, we are applying the safety protocols and cleansing necessities for the current biohazard situation, this is for the well being of everyone during these hard times as you visit our specialists. Come and smile with us!

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