Dental Laboratory

What is a Dental Laboratory?

A dental laboratory is the place where the bridges, crowns, veneers and structures necessary to perform the treatments offered by restorative dentistry are manufactured.

The dental prosthetic laboratories are generally independent establishments from dental clinics and receive orders from many other clinics which hire their services for the manufacture of the prostheses the various patients need. The measurements, colors and specifications may not be as precise when found at a distance but in our clinic, the dental laboratory is integrated, optimizing communication between the specialist, the patient and the dental technician, thus achieving the best functional aesthetic results in less time and making 100% personalized dental work.

A Dental Laboratory in the Dominican Republic with German Technology

It is not uncommon for the same prosthesis to “travel” several times between the dental clinic and the laboratory until the results desired by the patient and his dentist are precisely achieved, for this reason Dental Cibao Spa offers its patients more speed, precision and effectiveness, because we have a dental laboratory in our clinic.

In partnership with EXPRESS DENTAL STUDIO, Dental Cibao Spa and its specialists have the ability to produce three-dimensional models of their teeth through a digital scanner, to later import the files to the laboratory where the necessary work will be done with the active interaction between the specialist and the technician, shortening times and exponentially increasing precision and aesthetics of results. Thanks to the CAD / CAM technology available at Dental Cibao Spa, it should be noted that we have the Amanngirrbach brand and all the technology we have is of German origin.