Customized Implants

Implants designed for impossible cases.

If you are a patient who has been told that you are not a candidate for dental implants, unless bone from a rib or another area of the body is grafted, this technique can change everything. Some patients are not candidates for traditional implants because they do not have the minimum amount of bone necessary to place them. There is a possibility that your dentist may tell you that you are simply not a suitable for getting implants placed.

The reason for this is that traditional dental implants are endosseous, meaning they are placed within the maxillary or mandibular bone to anchor and/or stabilize dental prostheses. Therefore, in cases of extensive bone resorption, atrophic jaws, and consequently reduced dimensions, it is not feasible to place them unless prior surgeries are performed using complex bone regeneration techniques involving intraoral or extraoral grafts for the subsequent placement of endosseous dental implants. This results in a prolonged overall treatment time to achieve dental prosthesis rehabilitation, necessitating multiple surgeries and leading to a significant increase in costs.



Now, with the usage of customized subperiosteal implants, bone deficiency will no longer be a hindrance, as these implants are personalized for each patient and are placed around the bone structure. Utilizing cutting-edge digital technology and a patient-centric approach, an effective and comfortable alternative is provided for those facing challenges of bone resorption with suboptimal jaw dimensions.

Get in touch today and discover how these customized subperiosteal dental implants, made specifically to fit you, can provide the solution you’ve been seeking to regain your smile and confidence.

In what cases are they recommended?

Custom subperiosteal dental implants emerge as an innovative alternative to traditional implants, especially beneficial in cases of severe bone atrophy, where the maxillary or mandibular bone lacks sufficient volume to support endosseous implants. Unlike traditional implants that are inserted into the bone, subperiosteal implants are placed over the bone and secured with screws, allowing for the placement of dental prostheses on the same day as the surgery, in most cases. These implants are recommended for:

  • Patients looking to shorten their treatment time.
  • Patients looking to avoid extraoral or intraoral grafts to increase bone volume in areas where implants need to be placed.
  • Complete jaw rehabilitation, ideal for patients needing to replace all teeth in a complete arch.

Photos of successful results from our patients with Dental Implants.

How are they made?

The introduction of digital technology in dentistry has represented a significant advancement in our practice, particularly valuable in optimizing treatment time and transforming how we carry out various procedures. Through cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and intraoral 3D models obtained using an intraoral scanner, information is gathered so that software can understand the patient’s actual dimensions and design a structure that anchors to the remaining bone while also supporting fixed prostheses in partial or complete rehabilitations. These implants are manufactured using models made with 3D printers and direct metal laser sintering of Titanium (DMLS), streamlining and optimizing our practices.

Advantages of Custom Subperiosteal Implants:

  • Tailored Solution: Designed and manufactured with 3D technology to adapt to the patient’s bone anatomy, allowing for greater precision and fit.
  • Increased Contact Surface: Distributes chewing forces more effectively, reducing the risk of bone resorption and improving long-term stability.
  • Lower Risk of Complications: By not being inserted into the bone, the risk of nerve or blood vessel damage is minimized, making them a safer option for patients with certain medical conditions.
  • Aesthetic Results: Enhances facial aesthetics by avoiding bone resorption and gum volume loss, resulting in a more natural and attractive smile.

Beyond the Advantages:

Custom subperiosteal implants also enhance the patient’s quality of life by restoring their ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently. Being a tailored solution, they adapt to each patient’s needs and expectations. At Dental Cibao Spa, our team of highly qualified professionals is at the forefront of dental technology, and we are pleased to offer custom subperiosteal implants as part of our oral rehabilitation solutions portfolio. Schedule your assessment appointment today and discover how we can help you regain your smile with a personalized and state-of-the-art solution. Feel free to contact us for more information about custom subperiosteal dental implants and how they can assist you in achieving your oral health and aesthetic goals.

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