What is a root canal?

A root canal consists, in general terms, of cleaning the diseased pulp tissue of the tooth and re-filling it with biocompatible material to seal it.

This is one of the most used treatments in dentistry and aims to save a tooth that is considered dead, diseased or damaged. Although there are other factors that can lead to this situation, the truth is that most of the time this problem is caused by the existence of deep decay that can damage the tooth pulp located in the deepest part of each tooth.

Although in many occasions the decay can be treated with a dental filling -or obturation- there are others in which the damage suffered by the tooth is so big that it is necessary to do a root canal.

Once the root canal is done, the tooth is reconstructed so that it has a natural appearance, recovers its functionality and does not show any discomfort when carrying out daily activities, such as eating.

Root canal process

What are the symptoms of a person that needs a root canal?

The mentioned lesions give rise to infection, inflammation and necrosis of the pulp, which is why the person experiences pain that can be intermittent or constant and vary in intensity.

Some of the symptoms that a patient who must undergo a root canal presents are the following:

  • Sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Discomfort when chewing
  • Change of tooth color to a darker shade
  • Appearance of a fistula
  • Swelling around the affected tooth and/or facial swelling

Root canals treatment at Dental Cibao Spa

Our endodontist, does an excellent job in to remove dental pain caused by acute infections, trauma or deep caries and thus preserve dental structures.

Currently, root canal treatment saves teeth that would otherwise have been lost.

The most common causes of pulp damage or death are:

  • Fractured teeth
  • Deep caries
  • Injuries, such as severe blows to the root (recent or past)

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