Dental Cibao Spa

Smile again with freedom and security

Get your best Smile at Dental Cibao Spa, an exclusive and relaxing environment for you!

The Dental Spa or better known as Odontospa, combines the professional facilities of a dental clinic with fabulous spaces designed in a positive environment full of natural elements, water and light that stimulate the senses and promote relaxation and confidence on each patient. Aided with resources such as aromatherapy and chromo therapy, environments totally different from conventional ones are generated. This is the best way to reduce anxiety, fear and even pain usually associated with dental consultation. The aim is to achieve a relaxed environment before the consultation.

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A unique concept in the Dominican Republic that is worth trying. Come to Smile with Us!

Dental Cibao Spa gives you comfortable facilities

A dental clinic with World Class technology

In Dental Cibao Spa we receive international patients from all over the world not only because of the diffusion on the Internet, but also because of the recommendations of our satisfied patients. We are the result of three generations of prestigious doctors at the service of society, committed 100% to health and well-being, thus guaranteeing lifelong results. We have experienced and highly qualified dentists, and advanced technology in all our dental treatments.

Dental Cibao Spa has professional dentists and specialists in all areas of oral health. ¡Come to Smile with us!

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Meet our Doctors

At Dental Cibao Spa you will find experienced and highly qualified doctors to give you the best smile!

Dr. Enrique Rojas

Periodoncista e Implantologo

Dra. Lizther Jaime


Dr. Angel Castillo


Dr. Cesar Jiménez


Dr. Domingo Carrasco


Dr. Javier Galva