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Dental Cibao Spa exports smiles to the world

Quality and satisfaction guaranteed are the main reasons why many travelers from different countries of the world come to the City of Santiago de los Caballeros, in the Dominican Republic, to obtain a specialized service in our dental clinic.

Dental Cibao Spa is recommended as a destination for health tourism in the Dominican Republic. For this reason, we have received patients from the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Argentina
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China
  • El Salvador
  • Spain
  • United States
  • France
  • Grece
  • Guyana
  • Holland
  • Honduras
  • Ireland
  • Virgin Islands
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Lebanon
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Norway
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • UK
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
    and more…

Learn about the testimonies of happy patients

Thousands of smiles and lives transformed in Dental Cibao Spa. Our patients happy with their results, share what they experienced in our Dental Cibao Spa clinic.

Romain Michaud, Canadá

“I tried to find a good dentist in the Dominican Republic and finally I found it. They are very good and the staff is great. They did a good job for me. My smile speaks for itself! “

María José, Santo Domingo

“I move from Santo Domingo to Santiago because I find here the guarantee and the good service. I am very satisfied and I would recommend it without a doubt. “

Russell Jones, Portland USA

“I heard about Dental Cibao through some friends who had visited the Dominican Republic and I must say that this is the most incredible, wonderful and pleasant dental visit I’ve had in my life”

Debbie Mcdowel, USA

“Dr. Lizther, thank you so much for your attention, understanding and flexibility”

Aracena, Dominican Republic

“I felt a lot of headache and discomfort, after arriving at Dental Cibao my pains disappeared and I was able to sleep like a queen.”


Juan La Mur, Dominican Republic

“There is no place in the Dominican Republic to take care of your teeth like Dental Cibao Spa”

Persio Pérez, Dominican Republic

“I felt really good! The treatment of all the doctors is excellent, it was the best place I could choose to treat me.”


Joanna J., Dominican Republic

“Fabulous, a human and clinical experience of a high quality, thank you for your great treatment.”

Patient from USA

Happy patient, USA

Patient , Dominican Republic

Satisfied Patient, Puerto Rico

Lidania, Dominican Republic

Dulce, Dominican Republic

Grason, USA

Luz Maria, Rusia

Victor Ramon, Dominican Republic

Argentina Paredes, Dominican Republic

Ana Yvelisse Perez, Dominican Republic

Russell Jones, Portland USA

Rene Claudeaux, Florida, USA

Melissa Santos, New York, USA

The Smiles from our International patients

Dental Cibao Spa receives international patients not only for its diffusion on the internet, but also for the recommendations of our satisfied patients who understand the importance of investing in quality dentistry.

We are the result of three generations of prestigious doctors at the service of society, committed 100% to health and well-being, thus guaranteeing lifelong results. You can also come smile with us at Dental Cibao Spa! We’re waiting for you…

Patients from Arkansa y Florida

Patients from Minessota USA

Patients from Kansas

Patients from Wyoming

Patients from México

Patients from Delaware

Patients satisfied with their results leave us their comments

Our local and international patients tell us their experiences with our dental clinic where they found the definitive solution to their concerns.

Testimonials from patients in Google Reviews

Our local and international patients share their experiences after visiting our Dental Cibao Spa clinic, through the Google comment system. You can also share your experience by clicking on the Google Reviews button below.

Rene C
Rene C
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Great Dental Vacation,loved this country this Dental Spa is fabulous, the attention you get, the detail and quality of work is great. Oh lets not forget the price compared to America is also a big plus. I came with my son as he needed two front teeth due to an accident he went home very happy to have his teeth and loved the clinic.
Emelin Pena
Emelin Pena
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The best dental service and quality we’ve ever experienced! Coming from the USA to have a dental procedure done in Dominican Republic was very nerve wrecking for my husband, but the dialogue with the staff (who also speak fluent English), the cleanliness of their office and the high tech equipment they have certainly helped ease his nerves.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams
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This is an amazing place especially for ex-pats visiting or living in the Dominican republic. The staff was amazing especially the International representative that speaks English and in my personal and humble opinion is better than my own dental professional in the United States. If you are looking for expert dental care you have to stop by and check them out.
Melissa Downer
Melissa Downer
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Dental Cibao Spa was recommended by a friend. Comparatively speaking, quality of work in relation to cost is exemplary to what we received in Canada. The most up to date technology is used as well. The administrative staff and assistants are all so friendly, accommodating and caring.