Digital Dental Radiology

What are Dental x-rays and what are they for?

Dental x-rays are a type of image obtained through x-rays for the deep observation of teeth and bones and thus complement a diagnosis. It should also be noted that x-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, just like visible light; however, their energy is greater and they can penetrate the body to form an image in a film or with modern technology, the image is visible through a screen (digital radiology).

Dental x-rays are a useful tool that helps the dentist to detect damage and diseases not visible during a regular dental examination.

RGV Digital Radiology and Digital Panoramics in the Dominican Republic

At Dental Cibao Spa, we have equipment with advanced technology to offer our patients the services of radiovisiography or Digital Radiology RVG and immediate digital Panoramics, with images that pass through a computer. The amount of radiation transmitted during the digital procedure is much lower than with traditional methods, as they provide minimal exposure to radiation, thus being a more accurate and safe method.

Radiographic Services of Dental Cibao Spa

  • Panoramic
  • Interproximals
  • Periapical
  • Palatal (also called occlusal)
  • Lateral cephalometric