The prevention of teeth decay


Caries is one of the most frequent conditions in teeth, resulting in the minerals loss due to the constant consumption of acid foods. Caries can be prevented by following a series of recommendations that we will explain to you below.

One of the recommended ways to reduce the risk of cavities is to eat healthy foods at the right times, eating 5 times a day to avoid the cravings to eat junk food helps a lot. Maintaining a balanced diet and having our teeth in good condition can be complicated the first few days.

Before we see how to prevent cavities in our teeth, let’s review what they really are and how it can affect you:

What is a cavity?

Also known as “decay” carries 3 main points:

  • Food and beverages consumed
  • The bacteria in your dental plaque
  • The state of your oral health

These bacteria are in the food consumed every day and it is the acids that cause the demineralization located in the areas below the surface of the teeth. The decay decomposes our dental surface.

Tips to prevent tooth decay

  • Your dentist can apply a sealant to act as teeth protection.
  • Fluoride helps caries prevention. Several companies offer different types of fluoride to fight the acids. There are also drinks with this component or also add to drinking water as fluoride consumption in your daily routine.
  • The toothpaste also contains fluorine components for minerals loss. Visit your dentist so he can recommend the right one for you, since a 3 year-old child and an adult can’t use the same type of toothpaste because it can cause severe teeth damage.
  • Accompanied by a good tooth brush with the toothpaste recommended by your dentist, you can prevent large teeth damage caused by tooth decay.