How to combat teeth sensitivity?


Teeth sensitivity is produced by the loss of enamel that is responsible for protecting them; it can also be produced by gum recession which exposes the underlying surface.

Foods or drinks that are hot, cold, sweet or very acidic are the cause of tooth sensitivity or specifically in one or more teeth. It may occur a couple of days and disappear, but it is very important that when feeling it, visit your dentist to have an adequate follow-up, even if it has disappeared.

What do you recommend me to do?

Visit a professional to determine the cause of the sensitivity; he will give you the right treatment to be able to stabilize it. If the problem lies in the dentin that is exposed, you can follow these steps yourself or your dentist can do it on your next visit:

  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Follow the proper procedure to brush your teeth to prevent abrasion of the enamel along with gums retraction.
  • Apply special toothpaste used to help reduce the sensitivity.

The professional who is attending you can follow these steps if necessary:

  • Apply a fluoride varnish to areas that are sensitive to help strengthen teeth affected by sensitivity.
  • Recommend toothpaste that has a high concentration of fluoride to apply every day.
  • If necessary, you can place a dental restoration that strengthens the areas to which the enamel has been greatly reduced.

Whatever the case with the recommended steps applied by yourself, it is important that you go to a dental clinic to be properly advised on the methods you must perform to have better dental care.