Digital Dentistry

Dentistry with advanced technology in the Dominican Republic

In the past, restorative dentistry consisted of a series of manual processes that frequently involved the factor of human error and the intrinsic limitations of the artisanal technical mode. Thanks to the extraordinary technological advances in the last two decades, dentistry has evolved to make a better diagnosis and more precise treatment possible.

This technological advancement is based on three-dimensional diagnostic studies and equipment for printing and milling through software with computerized designs, which help increase accuracy, reduce time and improve both the quality of the process and the results.

Main benefits and advantages of Digital Dentistry

In addition to the aforementioned, such as speed, efficiency, safety and comfort for the patient, surgical techniques are also simplified thanks to 3D technology and their respective specific programs to generate computerized surgical guides that allow procedures without the need to cut the gum or to give stitches.

Dental Cibao Spa has the latest technology in Dentistry

One of the most significant advances that provide more advantages to the doctor and the patient is the implementation of the intraoral scanner. A technique that consists of taking digital impressions with the latest CAD-CAM technology, avoiding the most rudimentary form as it was done in the past with uncomfortable materials inside the mouth, in exchange the scanner takes hundreds of photographs of teeth and their surroundings until reconstructing them three-dimensionally in a computer.

The impressions appear directly on a computer screen, so you can see in real time the different malpositions and imperfections, as well as planning the corrections that must be done with simulation software to improve the alignment of the teeth, the bite and design crowns and bridges with ideal dimensions and high precision in the sealing.

What advantages do we offer our patients with digital dentistry?

  • The margin of human error is minimized, obtaining more precise results.
  • More rapid interventions, which means greater comfort and less pain for the patient.
  • In some cases, the patient may receive his crowns or teeth on the same day.
  • Digital dentistry makes possible for the patient to participate actively in the entire treatment, being able to see what the state of his mouth is like and what he will achieve with the intervention or treatment to be submitted in the dental clinic.
  • Optimization of diagnosis and treatment planning by 3D image.
  • Guided surgery and the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology, with computer-guided design and manufacturing, provide greater precision and accuracy.
  • The intraoral scanner, the 2D and 3D radiological equipment, the high capacity computer systems, as well as the design software, the milling machines and the 3D printers, are the equipment that make our CAD-CAM technology possible.